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Welcome in my world, beautiful british cats
... Breeding for Quality not Quantity ...

It is me, Dagmar and Lery


Our cattery specializes in breeding British teddy bears. :-) It was registered by FIFe / ČSCH on October 25, 2004.

It took us a long time to choose a cat breed to best fulfil my idea of a feline friend. We decided for British Shorthair - plushy coat, fleecy tail, bearlike look and the beautiful orange eyes are first impressions to enthuse about.
Currently I have 7 females and 1 male:

 blue cream female "Quína" ( Queen Quinotoko Nozomi de Casto*CZ )

 cream male "Lery" ( Clearence von Macola 13*DE )

 cream female "Sofi" ( Lady c. Sarah - Sophia v. Wernerwald*DE )

 cream white female "Caro" ( Caro of Diamond Castle*DE )

 lilac tortie female "Goldie" ( Goldie Genialle de Wink*CZ)

 cream female " Happy " ( Happy Heaven de Wink*CZ)

 lilac female "Mada" ( Madelaine Teddy Star*CZ ) - neutered

 dillute calico female "Kira" ( Kirké Princess de Eminence*CZ ) - neutered


Our goal is to breed not only healthy, type and beautiful but mainly googd-tempered British cats. Our cats are our loved friends we care of.     

All cats used in breeding well be tested for  FIV, FeLV (negative) and regularly vaccinated ( panleukopenia, viral rhinotracheitis, calicivirus, chlamydiosis, leukosis, rabies ). The British shorthaires well also be tested for PKD and Blood type.

   We only use  DNA  PKD negative  and  HCM negative     
   cats in our breeding program 


                                                               FEEDING ...


Here are some pictures of our family:

My daughter Tereza    My man    My daughter Michaela

my daughter Terezka a Dean     my man Petr a Dean

my daughter Michaela and lilac tortie litter CH

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our cat trees     our cat trees


  Dagmar Vecerova, Borova 2348,                                 
        Zlin 760 01, Czech Republic


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